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The Full Story

Linda Man

After finding it impossible to get my dog groomed because it was a unique breed, combined with my passion for natural and organic products, I decided to start my own dog grooming saloon so all pet owners like myself can benefit from a unique experience that they won’t find anywhere else at a competitive rate.

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We carefully source the best products for your pet and each pet is given a specially tailored experience created to be stress-free and perfect for pets that need an extra dose of pampering and some TLC.

Our pets respond positively to our calming atmosphere, which puts them at ease, both physically and emotionally.


Why chose Top Paws Grooming

I am a qualified City and Guilds Level 3 Groomer with 5 years of grooming experience my skills were learned by working at several prestigious and high-end pet grooming saloons in North West London, and South West London with clients that only demanded the best.

Grooming pets has always been a passion of mine., Having always had pets from a young teenager, my pets ranged from German shepherds, Shar-pei to Persian cats.​


Your pet will be groomed individually, understanding their body language and using only the gentlest and kindest products.


Don't they deserve the BEST, At Top Paws Grooming Salon, we believe that they do!

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